Brain Booster Worksheets for Preschool

Our Brain Booster Activity Worksheet is a multi-purpose activity sheet. In this, you kid learn Counting and color recognition.

In the First worksheets, kids count the Number of Shape with Diffrent color, Count the Sad Emoji and Count the Yellow Fish.

In Second Worksheet, Kids count Orange Jar, Number Of Car with different color, and number of Caps with different Color


Brain Booster Activity
count and match
Brain Booster Worksheet 1
Number Count and Match

So in this worksheet kid will do multi-activity at the same time by which it helps to boost the brain of your kids.

Benefits Of these Worksheets—

  • Learn Counting
  • Identify Same Objects with different color
  • Lean Color Differentiation
  • Learn to identify different expression
  • Shape Recognization with different color




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