Preschool Shape Activity and Alphabet Matching Games 2020
Shape Activity and Alphabet Matching

Preschool Shape Activity and Alphabet Matching Games 2020

Are you looking for the Preschool Shape Activity and Alphabet  Matching Games for Kids ? So here is the Unboxing, and Description of some best games available online. 

Preschool Shape Activity- Shape Matching Game

1. Creative's PRE-School Learning Shapes and alphabet

This Preschool learning kit provides   Shape Activity like Matching Shapes, and Alphabet Matching Upper case to lower case with cards.  Also board books for Preschoolers. 

Number Counting and Coloring games

Preschool Learning Kit


This  Alphabet Matching Games for Kids is a 4 in 1 Learning kit that I am using for my Little girl. She is  3 years old and by using this Preschool Shape Activity,  Number Counting and Color Matching Games for Kids. She learned  Color Matching, Color Recognize, Shape Activity and Number Counting, and Alphabet Matching very quickly.

So I personally feel that Matching games with colorful picture flashcards really helps kids to learn Shape, Color and Alphabet very easily.


Preschool Shape Activity and Alphabet Matching learning pack from creative’s is a combination of four board books and four sets of activity card of the early learners. There are several ways to use play with the card and the books. Some of the topic-wise activities/suggestions are detailed below. These are our suggestions of course not the only way to use this set. It is the creativity of parent/teacher that will motivate children towards greater achievements in life.


  1. 4 colorful and attractive  board book.
  2. 4 Sets of Activity/ Flash cards .
  3. Activity Guide
Shape Activity and Alphabet Matching Games
Number Counting and Coloring games

a. Preschool shape activity and shape matching

CONTENT: 22  Shape Activity and object cards- 11 each

1.  Identification: With 11 single shape activity cards
a. Show the child these shape activity cards. one at the time one at a time. Ask the child what shape each represents. Name the shape if he/she doesn’t know it.
b. Spread all the shape activity cards on the table face up. call names of the shapes at random. Ask the child to point out the named shape card.

2. Recognition of different shapes: 11 object cards.
a. Show object cards one by one and ask, which shaped they can see in each picture? E.g in the object card of clock, we see a circle
b. Spread all the object cards on the table face up. Call names of the shape at random. Ask the child to point out the named shape object card.

3. Shape Matching: with both sets of Cards
Spread cards of both the sets on the table face up. ask the child/children to match each shape card with the corresponding object of the same shape

b. Alphabet matching games

The Alphabet board book of ABC flashcard will give your child a head start with the alphabet and the sounds they make by Linking them with colorful pictures of familiar objects. 


A. With the Book
1. To teach your child the alphabet and their sound, begin with the letter “A”. Point to the “Aa” at the left side of the page, say the letter aloud then ask the child to repeat it. (Note: Both capital and a small representation of the alphabet are shown in the book. you can choose any one representation at one time and hide the other or explain to the child about both the Representation). Next, point to the picture and read the word printed near it, saying for instance “Apple begins with the letter “A”. continue in this way with all the letters of the alphabet.

2. For each letter of the child: can you think of other objects that begin with this letter?

3. Help the child when required

B. With Activity Cards:-
There are 52 cards in the set- 26 uppercase letter/picture cards and 26 lowercase letter/picture cards.
(i) Recognizing the sounds of letter
a. Spread out the uppercase or lowercase letter cards on a table or floor face up. introduce the letters and sounds of the alphabet by talking about the letters and the picture words at random.

b. To make sure that the child has learned the alphabet as well as the names of the corresponding pictures, pick out a few cards at random from the cards and ask him/her to speak out the names of the letters and the connected picture words on the cards shown, then ask: can you think of other things that begin with these letters?

c. Now spread all the cards, both uppercase and lowercase letters, in the center. Ask the child to match the capital/small letter cards with the corresponding small/capital letter cards.

d. You should also use the cards to play I Spy game.

e. Encourage your child to say the name of each letter and practice saying the sound they make (an as in ant, b as in ball, etc.)

f. Encourage him/her to trace the letter shapes with his/her finger.

(ii) Sequencing:
a. Choose a sequence of 5 to 6 letters from any set of cards and name them together as you lay them down.Ask your child to close or cover his/her eyes. remove a card and ask your child to uncover his/her eyes and identify the missing letter. Go on doing this activity with other combinations of cards.

b. Choose a sequence of 4 to 5 letter cards and lay them on the table. ask the child to name the letter that precedes or follows the group.

c. Ask the child to arrange all the letters of the alphabet in proper order.

C.Memory Game:
objective: To Alphabet matching for  uppercase letters with lowercase letters.
1. Take out all the alphabet matching card, mix them well, and spread them on some flat surface face down.

2. For a very young player/players limit the number of cards. start with the uppercase and lowercase letter A to J and built up the number of cards as a child can do more. for older children use all the cards.

3. Decide who will go first. the first player turns over two cards. if a Alphabet matching is made, a capital letter and a small letter, the player keeps the cards and gets to go again. A turn lasts as long as a player can continue to make pairs.

4. Player alternate turn. when all the cards have been matched, the game is over the player with the most players wins.

Some More Games

Alphabet Matching Games​


Alphabet  Matching Fun puzzles build early reading skills by teaching letter and word recognition. The adorable illustrations like kid-favorite animals (dog, fish) and objects (boat, watch) make learning a lot of fun.

Alphabet Matching Games

Alphabet Matching Puzzle

Shape Matching Games​

3. Wooden Intellectual Geometric Shape Activity  Educational & Learning Toys for Kids +3 Years

 Shape Activity is a fun way to introduce kids to shapes and colors. This is a perfect toy for early skill development. This toy develops fine motor skills, problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination, shape and color recognition.

Preschool Shape Activity

Shape Matching Puzzle




Spelling Games For Kids


alphabet tracing worksheets






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